Admission Requirements


Students shall be admitted upon presentation of the appropriate valid credentials. The credentials required by the Registrar’s Office are the following:


(4-YR and 2-YR COURSES)
High School Card (Form 138) or High School transcript
(Form 137) original copy
Certificate of Good Moral Character
Two pieces picture (2 x 2) within the 6 months period; must be with white background.


Transfer Credentials ( Honorable Dismissal)
Scholastic Records or certification of subjects taken with course description and corresponding grades.
Certificate of Good Moral Character
Two pieces picture (2 x 2) within the 6 months period; must be with white background.


(1-YR and 5- month courses )
Photocopy of High School Diploma ( if a High school Graduate)
Certificate of Good Moral Character ( if available )
Two pieces picture ( 2 x 2 )


For grade seven (7) enrollees – Elementary Card ( form 138 )
For new grade 8 and grade 9 students – Original card from the previous school.
Certificate of Good Moral Character
Two pieces picture (2 x 2) within the 6 months period; must be with white background.


Original Report Card (Grade 10)
Good Moral Certificate
Latest 2 pieces of 2”x2” ID picture
Accomplished Application From (must be secured from the Office of the Registrar)
NSO Birth Certificate (Photocopy)


( 40 and 60 hour courses )
Students taking short courses do not need to present any credential.

NOTE: In case that a student cannot present the requirements above, he is allowed to be enrolled temporarily but must present such requirements one month after enrollment.


The student is held responsible for every subject he enrolls as listed on his Registration card. No student may transfer from one class to another or no subject may be changed without the approval of the Registrar.

Change of subject/course/session must be done not later than second week after the opening of classes.


Pay at the Cashier – Change of Registration Fee. Proceed to the Registrar’s Window.
Fill out the Adding/Dropping Form from the registrar’s office.
Have the completed form signed by the Registrar.
The Student’s Copy will be attached to the Student’s Registration Card.


Subject/s from other schools may be credited provided they are similar in content and description in the curriculum of the course in which they are to be applied.


All cross-enrollees are required to present a Permit to cross enroll from their school.


The dropping of all subjects must be done before the PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS; otherwise the student will be required to pay all the fees for the entire semester.


Students taking in all 4-year and 2-year courses are allowed a load per semester as indicated in the program of their major discipline. Graduating students with no failing grades in the previous semester may be allowed to carry 3 units in excess of the maximum load upon the approval of the Registrar.
Vocational students (1-yr and 5-month courses) are required to take all the subjects per semester in their chosen discipline.


COLLEGE/TECHNICAL LEVEL – students are allowed to enroll a maximum load equivalent to 9 units.
HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL – students are allowed to enroll maximum of 2 units; in case an overload of 3 units is to be enrolled, a permit from DEP-Ed will be required from the student.

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